Mistfell Vale

Rank Information

The ranks of Mistfell Vale are unique in the land of 'Souls - the majority of the pack is sorted into "houses". These houses are not descriptive of jobs, like most other packs, but factor in the most dominant personality traits, mentalities, and interactions of each member. Character are ranked by house - Elkenfrey, Hawkesond, or Wolverthorne - regardless of the tier they are in or their position in the pack.

The only exceptions are leadership, the Chosen, and the Crowstooth rank. Crowstooth have yet to be sorted into a house, or otherwise are not very active in the pack. The Chosen are the "heads" of their respective houses, and are considered the elite of their house; they have a new rank name, but they are still "within" their house.

The Leadership

The leadership ranks are those who lead and guide the pack - their final judgment is law, although it is certainly not without consideration of the rest of the pack's wants and needs.


The Ravenking is the leader, and is named such regardless of gender. They lead the pack, make decisions, and provide a guiding hand to membership.


The Nightstag is the subleader, and acts as leader in the Ravenking's absence. They rule from the shadows, providing a proper influence for other members and assisting the Ravenking where needed.

The Chosen

The council, and the most trusted and long-standing members of the pack. The council almost always aligns with their house, but cross-house council members can exist if a particular house is lacking leadership.

These members should be aware of the strengths and flaws in their particular traits, and should be able to advise similar-minded members on how to manage their emotions and decisions. There can be up to two characters in each council rank.


The head Elkenfrey, and part of the council. They help guide and lead members of their house, and work together with leadership to come to decisions.


The head Hawkesond, and part of the council. They help guide and lead members of their house, and work together with leadership to come to decisions.


The head Wolverthorne, and part of the council. They help guide and lead members of their house, and work together with leadership to come to decisions.


Demotion from the Chosen ranks may occur after several months of poor activity or severe IC misconduct from your character.

The Proven

These ranks are for members who have proven themselves and are trusted within the pack. There are three houses, each for the dominant traits that the member possesses; members are ranked by their house, and move up and down within the path tiers on the rank table as they are promoted or demoted.

ICly, character houses are chosen by the leadership and/or the council, and an (optional!) ceremony is held where the Ravenking stares at you for five minutes and then yells your house in your ear. :)


"With Great Distinction"

Elkenfrey represents acceptance, the mind, and the neutral alignments. Their image animal is an elk.

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"The Sound of Fury"

Hawkesond represents freedom, the heart, and the chaotic alignments. Their image animal is a hawk.

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"The Steadfast Spirit"

Wolverthorne represents loyalty, the spirit, and the lawful alignments. Their image animal is a bear.

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The Proven Tiers

Although all characters are ranked by their house, there are internal tiers that are reflected on the rank table, and generally indicate characters' IC standing within the pack. A character in a higher tier is assumed to be more respected, and may have more privileges than another member in a lower tier!

There are four tiers - Bronspath, Ironpath, Silvenpath, and Gildepath. Gildepath is the highest tier, while Bronspath is the lowest. Here is how your character can be promoted from one tier to the next!


Gildepath is the highest path. Promotion from Gildepath to the Chosen requires:

  • 5 consecutive months of being an active character within the pack
  • At least one tier III co-rank
  • Planning and organizing a large pack event (contest, raffle, pack-wide plot, etc.)

Promotion from Silvenpath to Gildepath requires:


Promotion from Ironpath to Silvenpath requires:


Characters are put into the Bronspath tier as soon as they are promoted from Crowstooth, or when they outgrow the Snap rank.

Promotion from Bronspath to Ironpath requires:

  • Good activity (6+ posts / month)


Demotion within the Proven tiers may occur after poor posting activity, lack of involvement in the pack, or IC misconduct from your character.

The Accepted & Unranked

These are miscellaneous ranks for members who don't belong in the above ranks tiers.


Crowstooth is for newcomers, those who aren't very active and participatory in the pack, or members on probation.

Promotion from Crowstooth to the Proven ranks is automatic after one full month of membership and at least 5 posts within that month. If, within a month, you have not made 5 posts, you'll have to wait until the next activity check for another chance to be ranked in a house!

Characters are demoted from the Proven tiers to Crowstooth if they are in the Bronspath tier and post 3 or fewer times in a month.


Snap is the puppy rank; newborn puppies are automatically ranked thus, and skip over Crowstooth upon reaching adulthood; they are ranked according to their house upon reaching 6 months of age.


Whalstray is the NPC rank. All NPCs are ranked Whalstray unless special permission is sought from leadership.

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