Mistfell Vale

IC Policies

These are the IC policies of Mistfell Vale. Failure to adhere to them may result in your character being removed from the pack!


Characters that are not a part of the Vale are not permitted to trespass into its land without permission. Trespassing without permission will result in your character being chased out and possibly not allowed back!


Members of the Vale are permitted to have guests stay with them for a maximum period of 3 days. For Mistwalkers who want guests to stay for longer, permission must be sought from leadership.

Greeting Joiners

Members of the Silvenpath tier and above can greet joiners - if you are of Bronspath or below, please ask before greeting a joiner. Only leaders can accept joiners. If a joiner thread goes for 48 hours without a reply from a leader, they will be automatically accepted (if they would have been accepted through natural roleplay).

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