Mistfell Vale

Thread Prompts

Thread prompts are fun little ideas for threads to do in the Vale - you can also get game points and Drakehund ranks for completing them! There are monthly prompts as well as "specialty" prompts - as you might guess, monthly prompts are brand new every month, while specialty prompts stay until they are changed manually by your leaders. :)

Remember to check out the completion guidelines!

September Thread Prompts

  • What with two new packs springing up nearby, perhaps it's time to visit our new neighbours!?
  • The Ursarchon has recently suggested that it might be prudent for Mistwalkers to brush up on their combat and defensive skills in the wave of recent events :o
  • What with Mistfell Vale's youngest members growing up big and strong and yet still a little too young to hunt for real, the pack stores are going a little bare... Maybe it might be a good idea to go for a hunt ;)

Specialty Thread Prompts

  • Whether it's collecting materials, actually building, or helping keep Mistwalkers refreshed and injury-free, there's plenty of things you can to help the Jordheim Papermill Project get on its feet! Participate in a side thread related to the project!

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