Mistfell Vale


Welcome to Mistfell Vale's pack game! Here, you can get points via various activities and earn some fabulous prizes with them. :)

Don't forget - threads must follow completion guidelines in order to count for game points! Points for word counts don't require the thread to be completed for points to be redeemed, however.

Earning Points

Points Activity
1 Every 100 words in a post after 100 (100 words: 0 pts, 200 words: 2 pts, 300 words: 3 pts, etc).
5 Start or participate in an AW in Vale territory.
Have a thread in which your character gives a pack member a gift.
Have a thread in which your character talks about the Vale houses with another pack member.
10 Use your co-rank in a thread.
Earn a Vale totem.
Complete a thread prompt.
15 Earn a co-rank.
25 Become the Vale's top poster.
Create a pack thread for an event (a celebration, a hunt, a feast, etc.).
Participate in a pack contest.
50 Create a pack plot.
75 Adopt an Open Character and join the Vale with them.
Recruit someone to the Vale through at least 2 IC threads.

Getting Prizes

Cost Prize
75 Edit or transfer an existing title/icon.
200 Permanent title in Mistfell Vale Style.
250 Permanent icon of your character's house with a motto hover-over: With Great Distinction The Sound of Fury The Steadfast Spirit
400 Permanent custom title.
500 Permanent custom icon.

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