Mistfell Vale

Pack Chat

Like many other packs, Mistfell Vale has a Discord chat - PM leadership if you want to join in! Members who are no longer members of MV, or who haven't joined MV yet, may be removed.

Please keep the chat rules in mind! We want the Vale to be a pleasant place for all players; failure to adhere to the rules can result in removal from the chat.

Chat Rules

Don't break the board-wide rules. If you wouldn't say something on the forum, don't say it in this chat!

The #general channel is primarily for discussing the Vale. Discussing your day or talking about fun, silly things are all fine -- but if there's a conversation about Mistfell Vale in #general, please bring off-topic things to #random so that the MV discussion doesn't get lost!

Avoid off-topic spam! Please avoid talking too much about adoptables, other packs, or things of that nature in the server - this is a chat for the Vale, after all! ;)

Be kind and courteous to each other. We want Mistfell Vale to be a friendly, pressure-free environment for everyone. :) Please avoid pressing members for threads, art, or other things of that nature; everyone has their comfort zone!

The #adoptables channel is a directory for adoptable characters intended for MV. Please refer to the pinned rules in that channel!

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