Mistfell Vale

Thread Prompts

Thread prompts are fun little ideas for threads to do in the Vale - you can also get game points and Drakehund ranks for completing them! There are monthly prompts as well as "specialty" prompts - as you might guess, monthly prompts are brand new every month, while specialty prompts stay until they are changed manually by your leaders. :)

Remember to check out the completion guidelines!

August Thread Prompts

  • While it's nice and warm now, winter is not far away! Take advantage of the good weather and add to the Vale's winter stores! Hunt some deer, gather some plants, or maybe even collect some building material!
  • There have been some changes in the Vale recently, why not have your character discuss the recent goings-on with a packmate?
  • Perhaps your character is the artistic type? Maybe they might like to make some house inspired decorations for the Vale?

Specialty Thread Prompts

  • A new pack (Del Cenere Gang) and loner band (New Caledonia) have recently formed. Meet our new neighbors!

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